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Winners and Losers of the Trade Deadline

In what was arguably the most explosive trade deadline to date, countless superstars went to different places. It made for intense drama, the building of superteams, and a glimpse into what October might look like. Here's who stole the show and who got booed out of the building.

  • Winner: Dodgers: Andrew Friedman has done it again. Max Scherzer AND Trea Turner on the same team for the Dodgers? Hollywood is living on cloud nine.

  • Loser: Mariners: Just scrap the entire front office and ownership already. Trading Kendall Graveman to your division rival, the Houston Astros, is a terrible look for Jerry DiPoto. You might've gotten Diego Castillo for more control. But you also missed out on Trevor Story, who ended up staying put. There's so much more Seattle could've done here that they didn't do. But what would you expect from the Chris-Chan of sports franchises?

  • Winner: White Sox: Picking up Craig Kimbrel to pair with Liam Hendriks is an excellent move by Chicago. You have one of the filthiest bullpens in the game, making the South Siders even more lethal with a lead. It's safe to say that the AL Central is over with the ChiSox in command.

  • Loser: Trevor Story: It's not his fault that he didn't get to a different team. It's just that he's still stuck with the Rockies. Unlike Nolan Arenado, who went to the Arch City this past winter, Story's staying put. Granted, Colorado gets a qualifying offer from all this. But it's piss-poor management that's hurting players like Story, leaving them stuck on a middling team.

  • Winner: Giants: They got Kris Bryant to bolster their lineup and nearly acquired Trevor Story in the process. It was crucial for San Francisco to answer the call after their rival, the Los Angeles Dodgers, got both Max Scherzer and Trea Turner. They did just that, picking up the former MVP from the Chicago Cubs. The best part is they didn't part ways with Joey Bart, their future star. The NL West is going to get extremely interesting with the two upgraded ball clubs.

  • Loser: Padres: They almost had Max Scherzer before their division rival, the Dodgers, swooped in at the last minute. It doesn't help that they lost Fernando Tatis Jr. to a shoulder injury. Matters are starting to look a little grim for this promising team, especially after Los Angeles and San Francisco made significant upgrades.

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