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Winners and Losers of the Deshaun Watson Trade

A seismic trade went down between the Houston Texans and the Cleveland Browns, where Deshaun Watson goes to Cleveland for three first-round picks. Akin to Draft Day, where the same draft capital was traded, it sent off waves throughout the NFL. But who benefits from this deal? Here's who'll gain a lot from this transaction and who doesn't.

  • Winner: Cleveland Browns: If you're a Browns fan, you've been searching for a bona fide quarterback for the longest time possible. Names such as Kelly Holcomb, Tim Couch, Jeff Garcia, and Johnny Manziel come to mind regarding the failures at the position. However, the Brownies finally get their guy in Deshaun Watson. A proven Pro Bowler who's also nimble, Watson will be a boon, especially with excellent blocking up front. Yes, there are some caveats, including Watson's civil suits with 22 women and his year-long absence from the league. However, adding Amari Cooper and having an excellent running game will alleviate these issues. Cleveland has the necessary weapons to win the AFC North and even contend in the AFC.

  • Loser: Pittsburgh Steelers: Normally, the Steelers would be the pinnacle of the AFC North and even the AFC. They'd have an excellent quarterback under center with elite blocking and surefire offensive weapons. Unfortunately, they only have the offensive firepower to boot, leaving Pittsburgh as the weakest quarterback in the division. They whiffed on Aaron Rodgers and didn't get Russell Wilson, leaving them with... Mitch Trubisky. It's not too farfetched to believe that the Steelers will finish last in a deep AFC North, specifically with their weakness being a washed-up Bears quarterback.

  • Winner: San Francisco 49ers: The 49ers overplayed their hand with Jimmy Garappolo, putting too much stock in the quarterback. However, quarterback-desperate teams like Indianapolis, Carolina, and New Orleans will look to Jimmy G as a potential starter with Watson off the board. But it's contingent upon John Lynch and the 49er front office to temper the expectations of their former starter, for they should just look to get Garappolo off the books altogether. Still, teams that need a quarterback will take a peek, especially with this year's draft class being extremely light.

  • Loser: NFC South: Excluding the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, every team in this division is looking for different options under center. Carolina is looking for a star after Cam Newton's fall from grace. New Orleans is still searching for Drew Brees's heir apparent. Atlanta is ready to move on from Matt Ryan. All three missed out on Watson, leaving them to hunt for different options at quarterback. As mentioned earlier, this year's draft class is light on quarterbacks, leaving these teams limited in what's available.

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