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Will Cleveland Drop Baker?

Deshaun Watson has been linked to numerous NFL teams. New Orleans, Atlanta, and Carolina are all vying for his services. However, one particular team stands out in this pursuit: the Cleveland Browns.

Now, the Browns have Baker Mayfield as their starter. However, the former No. 1 pick hasn't done so hot this season, throwing 17 touchdowns and 13 picks. He's also completed just over 60% of his passes and he's had paltry performances, including his Monday night matchup against the Steelers.

There's good reason to believe the Browns could ditch Mayfield. Why not drop Baker and get the obvious upgrade? Watson is mobile and moves well in the pocket. Besides, Baker tends to focus solely on one receiver, making him a predictable quarterback.

But there are some issues with this. First, the Browns are looking for an "adult" at quarterback. Maybe getting someone who has 22 civic suits against him (even if it was set up by an evil organization like the Texans) is alarming. Cleveland could also stand to upgrade their offensive line, with Mayfield going down 43 times.

Once again, the Browns are at an impasse at the most important position. What was once a sure thing has now turned into a question mark, especially with Watson's sudden availability. Should Cleveland make a run at the Texans' Pro Bowl quarterback? You only live once.

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