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Why You Shouldn't Root for the Yankees

The true "Evil Empire" (sorry, New England Patriots. Come back when you win 27 Super Bowls). The New York Yankees are one of the most polarizing teams in sports. Many people hate the Bronx Bombers. Many people love them. Whatever the case, everyone has an opinion on the Yanks.

Former owner and Seinfeld star George Steinbrenner was actually a likable person aside from his hardened exterior. He did a ton of philanthropy work, building high school fields and helping those in need. However, he was also ruthless.

"The Boss" has been notorious for enforcing strict dress codes and haircuts. He also had a penchant for signing everyone's favorite players, including Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens, and Jason Giambi. However, not every player was on board with playing for Steinbrenner. Ken Griffey Jr. said that he'd retire if the Yankees were the last team to offer him a contract.

Sadly for Yankee fans, it seems their rival, the Boston Red Sox, have passed them by. The Sox have won four World Series championships since 2003. The Yanks? They've won only one.

If you want a reason why you shouldn't root for the Yankees, it's because they're still the "Evil Empire. They'll still sign your favorite players and their fans will still be obnoxious as hell. Laden with heavy New York accents, they'll go "27 RINGS! 27 RINGS! 27 RINGS" and prance around like a peacock.

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