Why You Shouldn't Root for the White Sox

Have you ever seen a team and wondered, "will they win the World Series (or Super Bowl or NBA title or Stanley Cup)?" Yet, when the regular season rolls around, the team falls completely flat on its face? That's the Chicago White Sox, a lesson in what not to do when you have a talented roster.

Many hyped up the team to be World Series contenders, with the likes of Tim Anderson, Lucas Giolito, and Jose Abreu. However, the ChiSox aren't even a .500 ballclub, carrying a run differential of -36 and a ton of clubhouse dysfunction. Who's the man responsible for the chaos?

Here's a guy who looks like his favorite fast food joint jacked up its prices and changed the menu. Tony La Russa is a man who's let the game pass him by, managing with confusing moves. For example, this confounding move. Or this move.

Moves like this don't work anymore, especially since baseball is more based on analytics. Hiring La Russa was already confusing, considering the former Cardinals manager is a product of his time. Now, the White Sox have made their bed and must sleep in it.

The worst part is that Jerry Reinsdorf, the owner, won't fall on his sword over this issue. His ego will be bruised and people will see how big of a fraud he actually is. Do you want to know why he won six NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls? Michael Jordan.

Jerry Reinsdorf proves that lawyers shouldn't be allowed anywhere near sports teams (just look at Howard Lincoln). They don't care about competing the same way George Steinbrenner or Robert Kraft did. They only want money, money, and money.

The Chicago White Sox are a team that will see another 90 years before they win another World Series title. Wrought with bad signings and acquisitions, they'll never hoist the commissioner's trophy in their lives again. That's why you shouldn't manage your time around the South Siders.