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Why You Shouldn't Root for the Sharks

With all the success Bay Area teams have had, you'd figure the San Jose Sharks would join these ranks. Teams like the Warriors, Giants, A's, and 49ers have won championships in their lifetime.

But even the Sacramento Kings have more titles in their franchise history than the Sharks do. It's sad because San Jose used to string together winning teams and fill the HP Pavilion. It was cool to watch Sharks fans put fear into their opponent's hearts.

Now? The on-ice product stinks. Erik Karlsson left Ottawa and is having second thoughts. San Jose's buried in a conference featuring the Golden Knights, Oilers, and Avalanche. There's no hope for a franchise that doesn't even have any exciting prospects on the horizon.

Many people are surprised that the Sharks don't have a Stanley Cup yet. Hell, they only have one Stanley Cup Finals appearance to their name, where they got beat by Pittsburgh, 4-2. Don't expect these swimming creatures to join the other Bay Area greats any time soon.

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