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Why You Shouldn't Root for the Senators

I'll admit it. I love the Ottawa Senators. They have a young, exciting team that's set to take off in the future. Countless offensive superstars on a budding forecheck, and a swath of other young stars. Plus, Alex Trebek announced a draft pick for them! How cool is that?

However, they're plagued by their owner/anti-Warren Buffett, Eugene Melynk.

He's the human embodiment of a blobfish. He was also sued by Mohegan Sun for more than $1 million over a gambling dispute. Your owner isn't just incompetent, Ottawa. He also has a bad gambling addiction. That's funny considering Senator fans have chided him for his unwillingness to spend money on the team.

Melnyk also does a mean Kevin Durant impersonation, attacking his detractors with burner accounts on Twitter. He targeted journalists from publications such as the Ottawa Sun and the Ottawa Citizen. The master of disinformation does such an excellent job at misdirection, he'd make Trump blush.

There are other misdeeds Melnyk has done, including going on a Caribbean superyacht vacation during the COVID-19 pandemic. He was even BANNED from his own company, Biovail, for SEC violations. With the blobfish in charge, Ottawa will never sniff the Stanley Cup. That is why you shouldn't bother with the only NHL team in Canada's capital.

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