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Why You Shouldn't Root for the Rams

When a Rams team wins the Super Bowl, does anybody in Los Angeles hear it? Apparently, that's not the case. After L.A. won Super Bowl 56, the City of Angels held an extravagant parade for their team. It turns out, it wasn't as popular as the Eagles winning the Super Bowl was in Philadelphia.

On the left is Philadelphia. On the right is Los Angeles. How can a parade be lukewarm in the second-largest city in America? It's no wonder St. Louis hates Stan Kroenke for all eternity.

It isn't just Kroenke who looks bad in this, though. It's also Roger Goodell, Jerry Jones, and the rest of the owners. The move to Hollywood will forever be a stain on the NFL not just for the Rams, but for the Chargers. The group plotted a course to ensure Hollywood got two teams, yet they didn't think about how milquetoast the reception would be for both squads. With all the draft capital traded away, imagine how dead SoFi will be once the Rams start hitting rock bottom.

Everyone also knows that L.A. is Raider Country. From the N.W.A. rocking Raider gear while saying "Fuck Da Police" to their Super Bowl XVIII victory, the Silver and Black are beloved in the City of Angels. If there's one team that should've relocated to Hollywood, it's the Raiders.

Now, Rams fans will be subjected to watching 49er fans invade SoFi Stadium every time they arrive in town. It's Levi South for Niner fans in California, and everyone knows how crazy 49er fans are about their team. They invaded Jerry World in 2014 and had Cowboy fans on their heels for their wild card matchup. San Francisco--and nearly every other passionate NFL fanbase--will look at Inglewood the same way every year and say, "it's free real estate."

I'm passionate about my Niners as much as the next guy. However, this next message is aimed at Detroit Lions fans who acted like the biggest cucks for Matthew Stafford in the Super Bowl this year. It's this: cut it out.

Just because your pathetic NFL team will never make the Super Bowl doesn't mean you should be selling--and wearing--Detroit Rams merch. I'm all for cheering for Matthew Stafford winning the Super Bowl. Hell, the man deserved to win this year (which is why I picked them to win it all from the start). However, such over-the-top antics is the reason why people say "DETROIT SUCKS."

Detroiters always have a bizarre sense of humor that disconnects them from the rest of the world. However, they showed how much they cared about Stafford, even after many of them trashed the star quarterback. They loved to see Stafford win and were crazed about him going all the way, even at the expense of a late 1st round pick.

That's the sad thing about all this: L.A. is really just a triad of fandom between Cowboy fans who loved the team during the 90s, Raider fans, and Niner fans who either moved from the Bay Area or pulled for the team during their dominant run in the 1980s.

If you want a good reason why you shouldn't root for the Rams, it's this. A bunch of sausage-stuffing morons in Metro Detroit are more passionate about your own team than you are, Los Angeles. You guys could give two shits if you even win five more Super Bowls, for you won't care that much. You probably won't even care if the team moves again in the future, despite this being your main home for so long.

Oh, and there's this, too. This is peak L.A. during the 1980s. This is also your team, Los Angeles.

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