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Why You Shouldn't Root for the Marlins

First, does anybody root for the Marlins? I don't even think anybody in Miami thinks this franchise exists.

Anybody that does know this franchise knows this franchise blows. The Marlins NEVER make the postseason, no matter what year it is. Miami must hope for the season to be shortened to have a shot, whether it's by strike or other problems.

Part of their suckage is thanks to this man, who propped up a taxpayer-funded stadium with an unnecessary prop in center field. He's done everything evil in the book, from the occasional fire sale to threatening to relocate the team. His facial expression says, "WHO CLOSED LAST NIGHT?!"

He might be gone now. But the team is owned by Derek Jeter (or a group with Derek Jeter in it). Yeet, it's Jeets.

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