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Why You Shouldn't Root for the Knicks

The richest franchise in the NBA should have a predilection for winning. At least that's how things are supposed to go. They are supposed to rule the landscape and sign the biggest free agents, dominating everything in their path. However, that has not been the case for the "premier" team in New York.

Of course, it is not to say that this current incarnation is not making the right moves. Getting Julius Randle and extending him was a good move, as was picking up Kemba Walker. Finally, the Knicks look like an exciting basketball team, ready to make noise. But you know that this team is not winning anything under its current ownership, which is ...

KAZOO MAN, JAMES DOLAN! When he's not busy kicking Charles Oakley out of the building and making loud claims about his other team, the Rangers, he's buying Madison Square Garden for himself to house his shitty band. It looks like he's reluctantly eating a celery stick in that shot, so he decided to warn his basketball team about the horrible effects of vegetables.

This man's rap sheet spans a mile and he's not just bad basketball. There's the failed tenure with Phil Jackson, a sexual harassment case involving Isiah Thomas, and his poignant racist political commentary on Trayvon Martin. Oh, and this man got the coronavirus because he's an idiot. It's like everything he touches turns to shit.

Suddenly, New York's first team has become the Brooklyn Nets. They got Blake Griffin for shits and giggles, giving them a stacked starting lineup. The funny thing is, the Nets have never won the title and yet they are so keen to win one. Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden must have looked at the Knickerbockers and said, "Damn, why would I want to play for THAT guy?"

Enjoy this moment while you can Knicks fans, because it won't last long. Enjoy Julius Randle and Kemba Walker being the best guys you will ever have under the current regime. You know that you will get good players who are not great. Once the shit hits the fan, you know that you will be fighting for a lottery pick that you will never get. Those are the reasons why you should avoid Knickerbockers like the plague.

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