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Why you Shouldn't Root for the Golden Knights

I moved to Vegas from Michigan in 2019. I thought everything would be perfect with the move: no more crazy people on the roads, no more harsh winters, no more shitty date scenes. While the move has been better for me overall, there are some things that still stick out to me.

For example, there are even MORE maniacs driving on the road in Nevada than in Michigan. Most of these assholes don a Golden Knights license plate. It's like a ticket for them to be dicks on the road.

As for the team itself, they're never going to win the Stanley Cup. It's a given to see franchises like the Red Wings, Penguins, or Lightning hoist Lord Stanley. Not this team. They always fall at the biggest moments. They don't have a game-changing center (at least, until Jack Eichel came along) and it shows every year.

Just look at last season with Montreal. All they had to do was sneak a few goals past Carey Price and they couldn't do it. They weren't supposed to lose to the Canadiens, yet here we are. This team is destined to come up short when it counts.

There are also no ethics with the Golden Knights. Just look at what they did to Marc-Andre Fleury. They cast him aside like he was nothing. Much like the drivers in Las Vegas, the Golden Knights don't care for your existence.

Eventually, this franchise will be hit with the harsh reality of invading fans. Once the Golden Knights tank, you'll see a sea of Red Wings, Bruins, and Blackhawk fans at T-Mobile Arena. Being a Vegas Golden Knights fan is like hopping on the ultimate bandwagon. The Dallas Cowboys are extremely jealous. These reasons are why you should stay away from the Sin Bin.

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