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Why You Shouldn't Root for... the Football Team

Read that line out. That sounds milquetoast, doesn't it? The Cleveland Indians came up with the Guardians name in under a year with minimal hiccups. Washington's "football team" is drawing out the process, tarnishing any favorable reputation they might have. Of course, it's all led by...

I wasn't bothered by the "Redskins" fiasco as much as I was annoyed by his mismanagement. From sexual assault allegations and a sexually charged work environment to suing the fans to not allowing signs, Dan Snyder knows how to fumble everything. You couldn't even give him the keys to Tesla without him botching the operations.

The good news is they're making the right moves, starting with hiring Ron Rivera. I love Rivera as a coach because he brings accountability and a tough mentality to the team. They also hired Jason Wright as the first African-American team president, bringing a new voice to the franchise. I also love their defense, specifically their front four. Chase Young will be a beast in the NFL, terrorizing the NFC East for years to come.

Of course, it's all going to crash and burn for this team. They'll draft a quarterback that'll be hyped to the moon, only to go on the IR. They won't give Chase Young a contract extension, letting him walk. Ron Rivera will walk out on this team, taking his excellent work elsewhere. Everything Snyder touches turns to utter rubbish. and this incarnation is no exception.

Luckily, the "Football Team" plays in the mediocre NFC East. The Cowboys don't have a defense and have bloated contracts, instead. The Giants are a team that spends most of their time on the IR. The Eagles suck. Still, this franchise will find some way to bumble their way to the cellar, blowing a golden opportunity. That's why you should avoid this dumpster fire of a "football team."

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