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Why You Shouldn't Root for the Coyotes

Why is there even a hockey team in the desert? John Oliver pointed this out in his dialogue about publicly-funded arenas, which points out that Glendale's city government OPPOSED public spending for a new arena. Still, there are rabid fans like this lady, who wanted the 'Yotes to stay in the Grand Canyon State. Man, people are stupid.

Every year, there's speculation about where the Coyotes will move to. Will it be Houston? Quebec City? Kansas City? Who knows? Maybe Gary Bettman finally decides his Sun Belt strategy has gone a bit awry and moves them out. But that's a bit of a stretch to hope so.

The team is also hot garbage, with their best effort being a 2012 Western Conference demolition at the hands of the Los Angeles Kings. No matter what this team does, it'll suck. Coyotes might seem scary, but you need to yell "playoffs," and they'll flee like there's a wrecking ball flying at them.

Why this dumpster fire exists is beyond me. They bleed money every year and play in an inconvenient part of Phoenix. Honestly, who's driving to Glendale to watch a hockey game? That only works for football, and that's a bit of a stretch. This failed experiment of a franchise is why you shouldn't root for the Coyotes.

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