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Why You Shouldn't Root for the Cowboys

First, why are you joining the bandwagon of a bunch of obnoxious idiots? Every year, "NAH, DIS OUR YEAR, FAM. WE DEM BOYZ." Piss off. You're good for nothing and you shouldn't be anywhere near the NFL.

The Cowboys' collapse is always scripted like this: An unnecessary Thanksgiving loss capped by a losing streak to become eliminated from playoff contention on the last day. If Dallas DOES make the playoffs, it'll be Dak Prescott that does something stupid, i.e. a draw play with 14 seconds left or throwing a late interception. It always ends like this, yet Cowboy fans don't have the brain cells to realize this.

Cowboy fans (at least the bandwagon ones) are the epitome of stupidity. Imagine a team having the Lakers fanbase mixed with the mediocrity of the Toronto Maple Leafs. You get the Cowboys. Every January, it's become a ritual for the 'Boys to bow out before the Super Bowl, whether it's the last week of the season or the first playoff game. Dallas is always going to be a group of losers because of...

...You guessed it. As long as Jerry Jones is judge, jury, and executioner of the Cowboys, they'll never sniff the Super Bowl again. Hell, it was a miracle when they did it the first time because Jimmy Johnson knew how to utilize Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, and Emmitt Smith in his offense. Of course, Jerruh had to scare Jimmy away because he wanted more control than his coach. Jerry's perverted nature and toxic culture will always be a problem for this team. Hell, Jones doesn't care that a sexual deviant was looking up his daughter's skirt! That also goes with the consistent meddling and being in front of ESPN all the time. The Cowboys will be the NFL's divas while the rest of the league goes about their business quietly, surpassing them.

Cowboy fans will talk a lot of smack to other NFL fans, pumping their chests about how this is "their year." However, everyone else knows the jig is up by January. Dallas is a perennial failure, propped up by idiots with overinflated egos that think they're hot shit. That's why you should stay away from the 'Boys.

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