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Why You Shouldn't Root for the Broncos

Have you ever seen a team that's so bad at finding a skilled player at a position that even the All-Pro can't fix your problems? That's what Denver's faced with as an overage Russell Wilson withers into irrelevance.

When the Broncos got DangerRuss this offseason, pundits were all like "OMG, the Broncos are relevant again! They're going to the playoffs!" Not so fast! Denver has a 3-5 record while looking up at Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs... again.

Meanwhile, Wilson's old team, the Seattle Seahawks are the surprising first-place occupants in the NFC West. The magic of Geno Smith and Pete Carroll has the 12s off to an impressive start. It's like the Mariners lent them some of their magic.

On the other hand, Wilson has turned into the biggest cornball in the league. Rumors of him doing team exercises in front of sleeping teammates and Wilson's pomp and arrogance have turned the once-lovable quarterback into a meme-worthy clown.

So, who's the brains (or brawn) behind this quarterback wasteland? Why, it's none other than John Elway, whose ego and reputation have earned him an executive spot within the organization. With failed projects such as Brock Osweiler and Drew Lock, you'd figured the toothy-smiled legend would stumble upon a decent quarterback.

What's ironic about all this is he was a Hall of Fame quarterback. Elway won two Super Bowls as the Broncos' quarterback, ending his career in the most cinematic way. But Elway's stubbornness and lack of adaptability are crippling the organization, even if he can't tell that Wilson's 33 years old.

Rob Walton might've just bought the team, but he has a mess on his hands. A goober of a quarterback, an egotistical executive that won't be removed, and an impatient fanbase await the Walmart legend. How will he handle this? Does he have the intestinal fortitude to give Elway the pink slip?

Whatever the case, it's going to be another long season for Bronco Country. If you're looking to root for a team that hasn't had a solid quarterback in ages (aside from Peyton Manning), this isn't the team for you. Looking to be with Bronco Country will make you want to ride somewhere else (especially with this goofy phrase).

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