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Why You Shouldn't Root for the Angels

In a division that perpetually sucks every year, you'd figure it'd be easy to win it. The Oakland Athletics don't want to spend money. The Texas Rangers don't want to get a decent ballpark. The Houston Astros don't want to win ethically. The Seattle Mariners just... don't want to win.

Yet, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim can't seem to get themselves over the top. You have not one, but TWO once-in-a-generation talents on your roster, yet you can't even stay above .500 for most of the season. The Angels are destined to fail in the same way they're destined to add more destinations to their team name.

You could add Juan Soto, Fernando Tatis Jr., Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Randy Johnson, Nolan Ryan in his prime, AND Mariano Rivera to this team. Guess what? They'll still find a way to hover around .500 and miss the postseason.

It's not enough that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Orange County of California can't win. They must also have a full-blown existential crisis because they tried to sell their current stadium. Do you know what happened as a result? They lost 11 straight games. Karma comes back to bite you in the ass.

Arte Moreno will go through a million general managers before he realizes he's the problem. He doesn't know that his actions are hurting the trust in his fanbase. But will he care? Not one bit. He half-asses his efforts to sign players like Josh Hamilton and a slow Albert Pujols. He only cares about lining his pockets and he's the main part of the problem.

If you're an Angels fan, be thankful that the Dodgers have only won one World Series title since 2002. It sure seems like the Doyers have won a lot more based on how terrible the Angels have been. That's why you shouldn't ascend with the Halos anytime soon.

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