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Why You Shouldn't Root for the 49ers

You hear a lot of millennial-bashing these days, especially from those cranky baby boomers. You hear about how easily offended they are, how they're ruining our industries, and how childish they are. While many of these tropes aren't true, there is one glaring example of this stereotype, and that person has a stadium in Santa Clara.

Do you want proof that millennials ruin everything? Take a look at this man.

Photo from the Mercury News

Photo from Eurogamer

There you go, boomers. Attack away. He looks like Shrek turned into a human without a handsomeness quality to him. Jed York is easily the most incompetent NFL owner around that isn't an upfront xenophobe. He's also the NFL equivalent of Howard Lincoln, pumping out losing seasons and a weak West Coast product. The only difference is York is less likable and more miserable.

At least Lincoln had the self-awareness to admit he fucked up the Seattle Mariners and didn't have a smug, condescending look on his face when dealing with the media. Can't say the same for "I'm ThE OwNeR, dEaL wItH It" Jed. I guarantee the Mariners will make the postseason before the Niners make it again, specifically with the M's trending in the right direction with Nintendo in the background. If Lincoln can resign and put his ego aside, you can do the same, Jed.

Jed York is living proof that my generation tends to be clueless in leadership positions (sorry, fellow Generation Y members). Whether it's hiring Trent Baalke and having him be York's right-hand man or wanting to kiss Jimmy Garappolo on the lips, York is the personification of a weak, ineffective leader. That includes his pathetic taxpayer-funded stadium in Santa Clara, which is a lengthy drive for Niner fans.

As long as York's around (which will be a long time unless Jeff Bezos buys the Niners, which won't happen), San Francisco will be subjected to carelessly losing games to the Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, and Green Bay Packers. They'll become the NFC version of the Miami Dolphins; a once-proud franchise relegated to being in their division cellar.

The funny thing is that York and his team posture themselves as standing up for civil rights. For example, a Niner cheerleader was seen kneeling at the Super Bowl. But do you think York truly cares about these causes, especially after the NFL blacklisted Colin Kaepernick from the league? He doesn't care about city attorneys hating raw deals or having dirty money in local elections, after all.

As for their head coach, he's severely overrated. The 49ers had one good season in the past four years and everyone's still touting Kyle Shanahan as a genius. The reality is that he acts too cocky and cute with his playcalling, trying to come up with some exotic draw play on fourth-and-1. Yet, NFL pundits will eat up his crap, worshipping him like he's a wunderkind.

Watch Trey Lance become a bust because of Shanahan's idiocy and mishandling of the team. The rookie will wear nothing but medical casts and he won't fit into Shanahan's offense, yet York will still be in love with his exotic playcalling. YEP, THE FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT IN THE BAY AREA. SURE DOES!

Honestly, I wish George Steinbrenner owned the team. He would've gotten rid of Mike McGlinchey and his infinite penalties, canned Shanahan and hired Billy Martin (only to fire him again), demanded better from his team, and won five more Super Bowls. Yes, the Boss was an asshole to everyone. But he won games with the Yankees, running his team to the tee. You can't say the same for softie Jed.

Do you want to know the difference between Jed and George? George was a fan of the Yankees before anything else. He cared immensely about what the other fans wanted, which was a World Series title. Not once did the Boss criticize the fans and tell them he owned the team and to "deal with it." York had the team given to him, and he doesn't give two shits about how successful the Niners are. As long as he's churning a profit and he has his stooge, Kyle Shanahan, San Francisco will be a listless NFL franchise.

I had a rooting interest in the 49ers at one point in my life. However, York's no-fun persona and lack of leadership qualities turned me off. There's no accountability under the current regime, nor will there ever be any. Baby boy York and his terrible stadium are a couple of reasons why you should stay away from San Francisco like a shit-filled bag.

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