Why This Type of Stock is Good for Passive Income

Have you always wanted to make money on passive income--every month? I know it's a shocker since most stocks pay dividends on a quarterly basis. But did you know that there are stocks that pay every month?

It's amazing to get paid every month, especially during lean months. Having a monthly dividend offsets the months missed in your portfolio, giving you coverage when needed. But there's one stock that sticks out.

AGNC is a great stock for getting paid on a monthly basis, and with good reason. It has an incredible dividend yield (11.60%), it's dirt cheap ($12.41 per share), and it won't take a massive hit with wild, unpredictable gains.

Granted, it won't give you monstrous growth in a year, either. However, it's good for providing passive income every month and giving you extra money for building your portfolio. Or taking your partner somewhere nice for dinner. One of the two.