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Why This Is the Perfect Time to Invest

I know what you're thinking: why invest in a time of war? Why invest when inflation's hitting the market hard? Actually, there are a few reasons why you should start putting your money into the market.

For one, the market doesn't care if there's a war going on. The average time for bear markets after geopolitical events is 47 days, with the market bottoming out at just 22 days. One example of the Dow's war strength was when it was up by 50% from 1939 to late 1945. Often, post-war markets fare better.

Why is this the case? Aside from the United States investing a majority of its GDP in military defense, it's also that stocks are at discount prices. You'll find stocks such as Block, Nvidia, and more at dirt-cheap prices. Many of them have fallen drastically from their 52-week highs, making them the ultimate buying opportunity.

The sell-off will last for weeks, even months. The War in Ukraine will have devastating effects on the global economy now, hurting the pockets of everyone. However, the long-term effects should benefit those who stay, specifically investors.

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