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Why Theo Epstein Should Stay With Major League Baseball Rather Than Go to the Mets

The Theo Epstein-to-the-Mets rumor mill has gained some traction in recent memory. With the dysfunction of the Metropolitans (blame that on Fred Wilpon) and an underperforming team, there's plenty of reason to believe that change needs to come to Queens. What better way to do so than to hire the mastermind behind the broken curses of the Red Sox and Cubs?

After all, Epstein does hail from the Big Apple. Steve Cohen is passionate about winning and holds his players accountable, unlike Wilpon. There's plenty of reasons for Mets fans to dream of a World Series title in Queens.

Not so fast. It was announced that the former Red Sox figurehead and the Mets weren't a good fit yesterday, leaving New York searching for new management. Sorry, Disney. You can't orgasm from this article at all. Here are a few reasons why Epstein made the right decision to stay as a consultant for Major League Baseball.

For starters, Major League Baseball has had a problem with various rule changes. Moves meant to make the game more appealing have backfired, starting with the runner-on-2nd rule in extra innings. Such changes go a long way in bringing baseball back to its glory days.

That goes with working closely with the commissioner of MLB, Rob Manfred. You won't find a better gig than working with the sport's leader, even if he's made some head-scratching moves. Ken Griffey Jr. got such a job being an ambassador for the game, and he seems to be having fun with his new employment.

The Mets aren't a good organization to turn around, even with Cohen around. There's plenty of bad attitudes to go around, as made evident by Mets stars Francisco Lindor and Javy Baez giving fans a "thumbs down" gesture. If Epstein walks into such a mess, there's no telling when (or if) the Metropolitans will win a World Series.

Mets fans have had it rough. With their previous owner getting involved in a Ponzi scheme and the unbearable on-field product, people in Queens have been through enough. Not getting the legendary Epstein (not Jeffrey. Theo's still alive) will sting for a bit. However, it's for Theo's (and baseball's) sake.

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