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Why I'm Excited for the NHL to Return

Your sports days are no longer taken up by baseball and football. A new sport has entered the mix: hockey. With hard hits and fancy goals, now's the time to get your icy fix of fast-paced fun. Here are five reasons why I'm stoked to see hockey take up my winters.

  1. The NHL Returns to ESPN: Growing up, it was must-see television to watch the Detroit Red Wings fight the Colorado Avalanche on ABC. The bad blood between these two squads was amplified by the presence of Steve Levy, Linda Cohn, and Barry Melrose. I'm already hyped to see hockey make its return to ESPN, especially with an electrifying game between the Vegas Golden Knights and the...

  2. Seattle Kraken! Finally, hockey is making its way to the beautiful Pacific Northwest! We're already seeing the Krakheads come out in full support of their team, whether it's in Sin City or in Music City. The Emerald City is going to have a fun squad on their hands this season.

  3. The NHL on TNT: I've seen Turner's coverage of the NHL, and it's honestly pretty good. It's a good alternative to watching basketball on Thursday, providing sports fans with the same feeling of fast-paced excitement. Plus, hockey fans who loved hearing Kenny Albert and Eddie Olczyk will be treated to the duo calling hockey games on TNT.

  4. My Nights Consist of Watching Late Night Games: There's something about watching Edmonton and Vancouver duke it out while watching in bed. It's always good to get your hockey fix in and have it on as background noise. That, combined with the NHL being on TNT, makes for an undefeated combo of getting through the winter.

  5. It Brings Back Memories: In an age where nostalgia is EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE, hockey brings this back to the fullest degree. Watching the Red Wings dominate the 90s and enjoying stars like Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby is extremely satisfying.

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