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Why I Love This Version Of Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has been the WWE's most polarizing figure. As the face of the company, he's been met with visceral reactions from hardcore wrestling fans and casuals alike. His anointment as the WWE's top dog was the conspiracy of Mr. McMahon (who preferred Big E, by the way), many fans would say.

However, Mr. McMahon is no longer writing the storylines for WWE. That's Triple H's job now as the Chief Creative Officer. Still, there's one thing that McMahon did right before his "Genetic Jackhammer" ways got him in hot water. That would be turning Reigns into a heel.

The world of wrestling has drastically changed from the Hulk Hogan days. No longer is the face of the company as likable as presented. Now, manufactured babyfaces pushed to the moon are met with hatred from the fans. Whether it's the post-Wrestlemania RAW or Money in the Bank, WWE stans can't stand the top guy who's nice anymore. Just ask John Cena.

Now that you have Reigns as the ultimate heel, you turn him into an unstoppable force. The "Head of the Table" will demolish every competitor in his path, adding legitimacy to his character. Who will take him down next? Cody Rhodes? Logan Paul? Bray Wyatt? Nobody knows, which makes the Top Dog's heel persona much more appealing.

But what if you added a mouthpiece ringside? That's where Paul Heyman comes in. The former "advocate" for Brock Lesnar and ECW mastermind, Heyman has found a comfortable role alongside Reigns. He plays the perfect heel manager for another unstoppable force, as he did with Lesnar.

But wait! Don't you want to see him with a formidable stable? Add the Usos (along with honorary Uso, Sami Zayn) and newcomer Solo Sikoa and, boom! You have a stable that reminds fans of the Evolution days. Also, I can't wait to see Sami Zayn's face turn. You know that day's coming and it'll be glorious (not like Bobby Roode).

Finally, give Reigns the belt and have him hold it for over two years. Holding the WWE (fused with the Universal title) Championship for 782+ days turns Reigns into the type of heel Triple H was during his "Reign of Terror". Countless faces have tried to conquer the Big Dog, only to fall short. By the way, Reigns's title reign is the sixth-longest in the history of the WWE.

I'll be the first to admit that Roman Reigns has grown on me as a WWE wrestler. He's gotten better in the ring and his heel persona is refreshing. While fewer people are tuned into WWE programming, it's worth taking a glimpse at the current champion's run. That's especially true with Triple H running the creative ship.

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