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Why I Jumped On the Tesla Train

Yes, I'm an Elon Musk fanboy now. Yes, I know Tesla is SEVERELY overvalued. Yes, I know Elon Musk is batshit crazy and the media hates him. But I'm jumping on the crazy to the top. Am I going to buy DOGE? Well, that's another story. However, I'm going to use the small gift of a free stock slice I got and make the most out of Tesla.

Let's face it: electric vehicles are the future. Fossil fuels are non-renewable resources and will eventually die out. With that, how are the Big 3 automakers (and foreign automakers) going to respond?

Some have shifted to hybrid vehicles, providing a nice balance for customers. Others are dabbling into the EV field themselves. However, Tesla has set the trend and has huge financial backing from Uncle Elon himself.

Cars aren't the only thing Tesla is doing, though. They're also into the solar energy market, providing electricity for their customers. It's clear Musk has his eyes on the future in a world where nostalgia and the monotony rule.

Is this going to be the dumbest purchase ever? Probably. Do I have any regrets about it? Nope. However, Musk's troll game is 100% awesome, even if it ruffles some feathers. Consider me a huge fan.

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