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What Went Wrong With the Nets?

There was so much hype surrounding the Brooklyn Nets at the start of last season. They got Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving while picking up James Harden from Houston later on. Brooklyn had all the critics foaming at the mouth, with many picking them to win the NBA title. However, it wasn't meant to be.

The Boston Celtics made quick work of the Nets, sweeping them in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Suddenly, the preseason favorites fell from grace, coming apart at the seams. What happened to this once-powerful squad?

For starters, the "Big Three" hasn't been on the floor together much. The trio only played 16 games together, with the Nets going 13-3 in that span. Whether it was injuries or other unusual circumstances, the group never got a chance to truly flourish.

Speaking of unforeseen circumstances, Kyrie Irving is a major factor in all this. Being unvaccinated when New York City had a vaccine mandate didn't make matters easier. As a result, the trio's chemistry suffered, leaving Brooklyn in a heap of trouble.

James Harden also caused problems, proving to be a distraction with his antics. He was traded away for Ben Simmons, who didn't even play in the playoffs. Toss in Kevin Durant being stymied by Jayson Tatum's guard play and you have a recipe for disaster.

What sucks for Brooklyn is they've never won an NBA title. The team put everything in their trio, going all in on the season. However, Steve Nash's squad didn't get the job done, leaving many to wonder if he's at fault. Whatever the case, there are many questions to answer for Brooklyn in the offseason. Hell, there might even be a major shakeup.

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