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What to Make of Cristiano Ronaldo Going to Manchester City

Yet another domino fell in the soccer world today. This time, it was Cristiano Ronaldo going to Manchester City, leaving Juventus behind. The Portuguese superstar makes his return to the Premier League, joining Manchester United's biggest rival. Of course, that raises the question: What does this mean?

Let's start with the basics. First, the legendary soccer star has had an illustrious career, winning 32 major trophies, five Ballon d'Or awards, and four European Golden Shoes. The forward has made a name for himself, scoring incredible goals and carrying Portugal on his back during international competition. He is also the first footballer to earn over $1 billion in his career, making him a prominent figure.

Now, what does this entail? For the Sky Blues, it means a "consolation" prize of sorts. The Cityzens didn't get Lionel Messi when he wanted out of Barcelona, which left them to settle for Ronaldo. That's not a bad thing, though; he's easily a quality complement to the Argentinian superstar and has been for years.

That also rings true for their failed bid for Harry Kane. Getting the Portuguese legend will help immensely. However, the Citizens have their eyes on Fiorentina striker Dusan Vlahovic as an alternative. That would be beneficial for the Sky Blues to acquire him and have Ronaldo as a mentor of sorts.

Also, it means that Manchester City isn't done yet. While Pep Guardiola appears to be on his way out, it gives the Sky Blues another chance to win the Premier League. With the uprising of Manchester United and Chelsea, it made sense for the Citizens to make such a move. Who knows what the future holds for the club after the end of next season?

It also puts the Premier League in the spotlight. How will the bigger names handle the Portuguese superstar? With massive contracts both in the United States and internationally, there's plenty of reason to be excited about his arrival. That's especially true when he faces off against his former club, Manchester United.

There are a couple of caveats to this, though. For one, Ronaldo is 36 years old. He's not getting any younger and neither are the other players. With stars like Kevin de Bruyne (30 years old), Fernandinho (36 years old), it adds stress for the club. The good news is they have reliable players such as Raheem Sterling and Jack Grealish, who are young and will bring excitement.

Still, it's an exciting time to be a soccer/international football fan. With both megastars on the move, there's plenty of reason to be excited. Will the Citizens break through with their superstar in tow or will they regret not getting Lionel Messi? How will the other mega powers such as Manchester United, Liverpool, and Chelsea respond? Stay tuned!

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