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What I'm Thankful For

This Thanksgiving, there's plenty to be thankful for. Family, quality football teams (except if you're in the Rust Belt), and good food. I, for one, am thankful for my family and the fact they've been there for me when I needed help. But here's what else I'm thankful for.

  • Doing What I Love: Two months ago, I was miserable at my job. I had supervisors that made me gather props on a Sunday and nitpicked at every little thing I did. My workplace was also littered with immaturity and young people that didn't know how to behave. I ended a relationship that I didn't want to end a month prior, which made matters worse. I contacted one of the volunteer program specialists at my animal shelter and inquired about jobs. Low and behold, I'm working at that place now and am back to writing for BackSportsPage. No longer am I caught up in the dastardly tentacles of "hustle culture" or too much motivation (by the way, ladies. A major red flag for a guy is if they're into such stuff from the likes of Grant Cardone. Remember, Ted Bundy was highly motivated and had the same stare as such consumers, too). Now, I'm back to doing what I love and am two games away from reaching my game-clearing goal.

  • My NFL Team's Success (and the Friends I've Made Along the Way): Yeah, it sounds a bit cliche. But I'm happy with the direction the Niners are headed. They've won three straight after a rough 3-4 start and have Christian McCaffrey. I've also made numerous friends along the way, which I'm thankful for every day.

  • My Cat, Ginger: She might wake me up in the middle of the night to feed her. However, she's still my favorite potato. I love my Ginger and want to give her the biggest hug every time I make it home.

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