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Welcome to the New Website!

Amidst my anguish, anxiety and constant tinkering, I welcome you to my new site! Here, you'll find information about my latest activities, including what's happening in the sports world, Las Vegas and more. I also have a link that will send you to my podcast, giving us the scoop of the latest episodes. You can expect this to develop over time, becoming a better version of yourself every day.

I couldn't have done this with the help of my peers, who gave me an honest opinion on what works and what doesn't. Without your honesty and perspectives, I wouldn't have gotten this off the job! So I thank you for helping me launch my website and make some last minute changes.

Feel free to look around! You'll find a store, a blog and more! You can also subscribe for free and become a member of a healthy community. Be sure to review everything and give me your comments and questions!

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