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Vegas Thing of the Month: Going to a Golden Knights Game

A couple of months ago, I highlighted my experience going to a Henderson Silver Knights game. It was a nice time, going to an AHL game despite a losing result. However, we're going to the big leagues, this time. We're checking out the Vegas Golden Knights of the NHL.

First, we should get to know the Golden Knights and who they are. Vegas was the NHL's 31st team, joining the league in 2017. They enjoyed immediate success upon joining, making it to the Stanley Cup Final. Their 13 playoff wins are the most for an expansion team.

After their awe-inspiring run, the Golden Knights went on to make the playoffs three more times. Along the way, they've acquired the likes of Jack Eichel and Alex Pietrangelo, making them a dominant force.

I went with a friend because he hadn't seen the Golden Knights before. This was the first time we went to T-Mobile Arena, too (which is ironic, considering he's a HUGE UFC fan). We were blown away by how nice T-Mobile looked. There were concourses that people would walk out on during the intermissions, catching a glimpse of Las Vegas's beauty.

Sadly, we missed the pre-game festivities, which involves a knight battling someone representing the opposing team. If you haven't seen this spectacle, I HIGHLY recommend checking it out. It's worth your time checking it out.

Unfortunately, the Golden Knights lost to the New Jersey Devils, 3-2. Keegan Kolesar and Cole Stephenson scored for Vegas, which wasn't enough. The Golden Knights remain behind in the playoff race, with the surging Vancouver Canucks just a point behind them.

Still, the overall experience was amazing. The atmosphere was incredible and the arena was basically a packed house. The common knock on Vegas and other non-traditional hockey towns like Nashville and Tampa Bay is, well, they're too hot to be hockey towns. However, the electricity in the building proved otherwise, showing how unconventional wisdom can break through at any time.

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