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Vegas Thing of the Month: Checking Out Tom's Urban

Welcome to another edition of Vegas Thing of the Month, where I highlight the coolest things to do in Vegas (aside from going to the casino). This edition takes a look at the sports bar and grill, Tom's Urban.

Tom's Urban is a restaurant with outdoor viewing of the Strip and sports playing on a myriad of televisions. You can also dine inside and enjoy a modern setting, fit with delicious garlic fries and bar food. All set in front of New York, New York, you're getting an authentic experience while enjoying the best of Las Vegas.

Speaking of which, this is the cleanest bar food I've ever eaten. The pickle chips looked crisp and warm, while the tenders were simply delectable. They came with a sauce that had a kick to it, making the meal even more appetizing. I'm always down for some fries, so I couldn't resist the garlic fries, either.

Overall, I was satisfied with my experience here. I loved the atmosphere and checking out downtown Las Vegas. If you're looking for a casual spot for a date or need to watch the big game, it's worth coming down here!

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