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Upon Retrospect: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

With the release of Pokemon: Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl, it's time to look back at a game that I grew up with. It's a series I hold dear to my heart, helping me get through my difficult high school years.

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl was initially released on September 28, 2006, for the Nintendo DS. Published by the Pokemon Company and developed by Game Freak, the fourth installment of the series takes you through Sinnoh to stop Cyrus and Team Galactic from turning the region into an intergalactic wasteland.

There were many changes introduced to the series, such as the physical/special split. No longer were Pokemon fans subjected to dealing with attack stats based on the pokemon's type. Each move was labeled physical or special, attacking either defense for physical moves or special defense for special moves.

There are many reasons why I loved playing this growing up. For one, it followed the Pokemon formula. It took you on a trip to stop a criminal syndicate from taking over the world with a Pokemon. Along the way, you met interesting characters and experienced new cultures, taking in a whole new world.

It's like watching a movie unfold before your eyes. With the various cinematics and tense music, it feels like you're in a movie theater watching everything happen. Diamond/Pearl does an excellent job telling its story, using everything at its disposal to paint a picture.

That's not the only good thing about Diamond/Pearl, though. There's plenty of post-game content to satisfy your needs, including numerous side quests for legendary pokemon. You also had the Battle Tower to whet your competitive appetite, testing you against the best trainers.

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl brought back so many memories for me. With the new installment, it's a wave of nostalgia, bringing a smile to my face. Before playing Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl, be sure to pick up the original and give it a shot.

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