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Upon Retrospect: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Are we dabbling in Nintendo DS games this round? We certainly are! This edition takes a look at Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, a crime game where you're a defense attorney defending the most obscure cases. Whether it's Hollywood actors or prosecutors, you're on the case!

Initially released for the Game Boy Advance in 2001, Ace Attorney has seen ports to multiple systems, including Steam. It was originally planned as a Game Boy Color game about a private investigator. Writer and director Shu Takumi had one objective in mind: make the game so simple that his mother could play it.

That's what he achieved with Ace Attorney. Each case is like a puzzle, testing your memory and your wits. You must remember the evidence and testimonies given, helping you achieve that "not guilty" verdict. The premise is simple, but the execution is complex to the untrained eye.

While it can be hard to pin the correct evidence on the unsuspecting criminal, the game walks you through every step. It does this by leaving subtle hints about where to go next, along with who to talk to. Such assistance can be beneficial to the player, leading them to the proper verdict.

Another benefit of Ace Attorney is the humorous dialogue. Whether it's Wendy Oldbag fawning over Miles Edgeworth or Redd White's overambitious lexicon, you'll laugh when playing this game. You might even yell out, "OBJECTION!" a time or two.

I never got to play Ace Attorney growing up. It's a damn shame because this was one of the best-selling games for the Nintendo DS. I see why everyone's in love with the series, let alone this incredible game. If you're into goofy crime games and want to unleash your inner "OBJECTION!", get Ace Attorney right now.

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