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Upon Retrospect: Ducktales

Life is like a hurri cayyyy-ne!

Here! In! Duck! Burg!

Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes!

It's! A! Duck! Blur!

One of the most underrated games, Ducktales, is what I'm covering today. Get ready for a trip down memory lane, both from the game and the show.

The Disney classic was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System on September 14, 1989. It also saw a Game Boy release on September 21, 1990, and had a remastered version that came out for Steam, XBox 360, and other platforms in 2013. The game was developed and published by Capcom.

Ducktales takes Scrooge McDuck on an adventure to stop Flintheart Glomgold from becoming a richer duck than him. Along the way, Scrooge and his family go through Transylvania, African mines, and the Amazon to amass his fortune. He fights enemies such as the Beagle Boys and Magica de Spell to get to his ultimate goal.

One thing this classic has been known for is its airtight controls. It was a hallmark of the game, as you'd pogo through each stage and build your wealth. That's a major part of why it sold over a million copies for the NES, making it one of the most successful releases for the system.

Another reason for its success was its top-notch game design. From its cheery musical score to challenging level design, Ducktales went above and beyond to keep younger gamers in mind. You could even adjust the difficulty for a harder test, putting your gaming skills on the line.

Ducktales was a memorable part of Disney's uprising, providing positive memories during the afternoon. That success has translated over to the NES, giving gamers an experience to remember. If you want to take a trip down memory lane, pick up a cartridge and watch the series on Disney+.

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