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Top Five Reasons Why I'm Excited for Metroid Dread

I've mentioned many times how hyped I was for a new Metroid game. I fell in love with the series recently and games such as Super Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission. Metroid Dread is around the corner, which means my appetite will only grow. Here are five reasons why I can't wait for the new release to come out on October 8.

  1. The Mechanics: It's not just elemental missiles that I'm hyped to see. There are also mechanics such as blocking enemies from attacking and new mechanics to weapons that have me excited.

  2. The Music: The music has a chilling aspect to it, similar to what Super Metroid had. There's uncertainty at every corner and leaves the player on their toes. In conjunction with the title, expect a creepy element to the game.

  3. The Bosses: Kraid is making his return, and you can expect Ridley to come back, too. However, there are other bosses in the trailer that look amazing. You'll need your best strategy to combat these foes.

  4. The Level Design: Judging from the trailer, there are plenty of level mechanics that'll test the gamer. That includes detonating bombs in the stage, the spider magnet, and rapidly disappearing platforms. I don't expect Metroid Dread to be easy, and that's fine with me.

  5. Bringing It All Home: Metroid Dread is supposed to be the latest game in the timeline, meaning that everything is coming to a head. Who will Samus face in the penultimate battle?

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