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Top 5 States for the Best Stocks

If you're starting in the investing game, you definitely want to find the best companies to invest in. Of course, it starts with looking at the best industries and trends for investing. But where should you be looking for these gold mines? Here are the five best states for building your portfolio.

  1. California: Where to start? First, there are reputable companies residing in Silicon Valley. Take your pick from the giants. Are you interested in buying Apple, the stock that you buy to own? What about Alphabet (Google)? Perhaps you're interested in Nvidia? You have a plethora of choices for your portfolio. There's also SoCal, which boasts companies such as Disney and Realty Income. On top of that, the Golden State is one of two states with more than ten S&P 500 companies ranking in the top ten of the index for the pasts ten years, past five years, and year-by-year. California-based S&P companies posted an average gain of 574% over the past ten years, tripling the 197.8% gain of the index. You even have up-and-coming companies such as SoFi and Genius Brands. Talks of California being a horrible state for business are a tad overblown, specifically when excellent business minds like Tim Cook are changing our society.

  2. Washington: If you're a fan of technology stocks, but dislike the Golden State, perhaps you should grab a cup of coffee in the Evergreen State. You know who the heavyweights are in Washington. Amazon. Microsoft. Boeing. However, there are companies such as Costco and Starbucks, rounding out a powerful lineup for the Great Northwest. What's more is it's a business-friendly environment, where the state boasts no income tax. Like California, Washington State boasts some credible growth stocks, including Zillow. If you're looking to gain financial freedom, look to the Pacific Northwest for some excellent companies.

  3. Texas: A slew of companies are relocating to the Lone Star State, including Tesla and Oracle. Texas is also home to some of the best dividend stocks in the country, earning you plenty of bang for your buck. Whether you're interested in AT&T, Valero, or Exxon Mobil, you can generate passive income with ease. Of course, it wouldn't be Texas without powerful energy companies, including Diamondback Energy and Marathon Oil. The oil business is a part of a diverse, yet dominant environment where a business-friendly atmosphere reigns supreme. Whether you want to take a flight with Southwest Airlines and American Airlines or are feeling tech-savvy with HP Enterprise and Dell, you have countless options. They say everything's bigger in Texas, and that includes the stock market.

  4. Georgia: Another southern state that produces wonderful dividend stocks is Georgia. The Peach State has reputable companies such as Southern, Aflac, and Coca-Cola, giving you the perfect revenue stream. But did you know that Georgia is also home to stable growers such as Home Depot, UPS, and Global Payments? The friendly tax environment for businesses gives this southern state an upper hand against its competitors, especially with Atlanta as a growing area for business. It's no wonder that this state has become a popular destination for companies and people alike! If you're looking for the perfect stock(s) to fill your portfolio, be sure to keep Georgia on your mind.

  5. New York: What's as good as a New York-style pizza and baseball? Of course, it's the companies! If you're looking to get paid for holding stocks, you can turn to reputable corporations such as Verizon, Pfizer, and Vici Properties. There are also stable companies such as PepsiCo and Philip Morris that provide a foundation for your portfolio. Perhaps you're looking to grow your money with solid growth stocks? Look no further than Mastercard and JPMorgan Chase! There are numerous options for your money to grow in the Empire State, one that'll make the pizza parlors blush.

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