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Top 5 Non-Silicon Valley Based Stocks to Invest In

Silicon Valley is home to some of the most innovative companies around. Whether it's Apple, Meta Platforms, or Google, you don't have to go far to find the corporations that are molding America's future. But what if you don't want to delve into the Golden State? Here are five stocks outside the Bay Area that you should be invested in.

  1. Amazon: It has a market cap of 1.81 trillion and is behind one of the most reliable services in the world (hell, I just ordered something off of Amazon today). The Seattle-based company is also delving into viewership programs through its Amazon Prime membership that even includes the NFL. On top of that, its high margin advertising and AWS continue to grow, making it a profitable company over the next several years. There's no doubt that the Jeff Bezos-led company is worth every penny.

  2. Microsoft: If you don't like Amazon's price tag, you can go with the other corporation based in the Evergreen State. Microsoft has a strong presence in enterprise computing, with Azure leading the way. Unlike Amazon, they also have a growing dividend and a solid balance sheet, making it a reliable stock in the long run. The company has a strong presence in other fields, including social networking and gaming, making it a strong pick.

  3. Alibaba: Why get out of the Golden State when you can leave the entire country? With an intelligent leader in Jack Ma, a reasonable P/E ratio, and a strong global presence, you can't go wrong with the Chinese company. There might be some drawbacks to investing in this enterprise, such as the local government cracking down on tech-based companies. However, Alibaba's global standing alone shouldn't deter you from putting your money in this stock.

  4. Palantir Technologies: Based in the Mile High City, Palantir has a bright future ahead of itself. With a solid expected five-year forecast and strong contracts with the U.S. government, there's good reason to put your money here. Plus, it's at an extremely cheap price of $24.10 (it just took a massive dip). It might not be a profitable company now, but there's a reason why investing legends like George Soros have poured their money into this stock.

  5. Disney: If you don't like Silicon Valley but still love California, you can't go wrong with Mickey Mouse. Disney has shown strong growth with its on-demand service, Disney+, and has a strong foothold in non-film industries. Whether it's the theme parks or its famous franchises, you can never go wrong with the Mouse.

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