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Three Incredible Defensive Stocks to Buy

As many of you know, we're in a recession right now. While inflation has cooled off a bit, there's still the War in Ukraine going on. There are also rising gas prices that directly correlate with this, making matters more difficult for average Americans. That's why it's wise to get on the defensive and prevent any hard losses from damaging your portfolio. Now, I'm not going to go crazy with stocks that have grown due to these circumstances (looking at you, oil companies). But these are also companies you should strongly consider because, well, oil and war. Here are three great stocks that should protect you from any further troubles.

  1. Pfizer: During the pandemic, Pfizer was a popular stock because of the vaccine aspect. Over the past three months, it had a modest gain of 1.52%, making it a good defensive stock that still holds strong. In fact, the New York-based stock has doubled since the huge selloff on March 3, 2020, making this a great safe stock to buy. Even with its growth, it's reasonably priced at $53.30 and is quite undervalued with a P/E ratio of 12.10. On top of that, it offers a nice dividend of 3.00, making it a solid purchase.

  2. Coca-Cola: The Atlanta-based company has also held steady over the past three months, only losing a modest 0.36%. The soda brand has a wide moat and has a strong foothold in different drinkable aspects of the market, giving it an unbridled advantage. Like Pfizer, Coca-Cola pays a nice dividend (2.71) that has steadily increased for over 50 straight years. The cherry on top is a massive surge in sugar futures, giving the American icon an even better reason to buy now.

  3. McDonald's: Are you going to drink Coca-Cola? Why not do it at McDonald's, which has held steady for the past three months (0.86% growth)? Now, the fast-food giant might have a scary price ($252.94 per share). But it's still slightly overvalued (26.57 P/E ratio) and is jumping on trends like home delivery and loyalty programs. Ba da buh bah buh, I'm lovin' it!

Bonus: Vici Properties: Surprisingly, this stock has grown by 8.82% in the last three months, making it a sneakily good candidate. It also pays a great dividend and the real estate market is still going strong. You definitely want to check this stock out.

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