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These Five Teams Can Beat the Eagles

So the Philadelphia Eagles are 7-0 and taking the NFL by storm. What's more, their schedule is filled with sugary, scrumptious cupcakes. Teams such as the Bears, Texans, and Commanders litter their remaining games. So they should be the best NFL team if they go 17-0, right?

Wrong. Even with the 17-0 record, they still won't be the best team in the NFL. The NFC is fairly weak, with quarterbacks like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers finally seeing the light. Here's a list of teams that can take down Philly, whether it's the regular season or the playoffs.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs: First off, Philadelphia has to prep for Patrick Mahomes. That's never an easy task (just ask the 49ers). The former MVP has thrown 171 touchdowns, 42 interceptions, and has completed 66.2% of his passes against top ten defenses in his career. The guy is built for the big moment and it wouldn't be surprising to see Kansas City favored in a Super Bowl matchup. Plus, how will the Eagles account for Travis Kelce, especially in the red zone? If the Chiefs get a big-name wide receiver like Odell Beckham, Jr., it's over for Philadelphia. The Chiefs organization has a penchant for making quiet, yet effective moves (see Juju Smith-Schuster), which would put the Eagles at a severe disadvantage.

  2. Buffalo Bills: Another team with an excellent quarterback is Buffalo. Josh Allen (2,198 passing yards, 19 touchdowns, six interceptions this season) is the MVP frontrunner and has an array of options. Whether it's Stefon Diggs (764 yards, seven touchdowns) or Gabriel Davis (418 yards, four touchdowns), it'll be hard for Philadelphia to combat the Bills' offensive prowess. Another problem would be something that Jalen Hurts couldn't handle; Von Miller on the edge. The offseason acquisition makes life a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks, and Hurts will be no different.

  3. San Francisco 49ers: A top-three defense headed by Nick Bosa (eight sacks this season), Fred Warner (62 tackles, 1.5 sacks), and an emerging Talanoa Hufanga (48 tackles, three interceptions, six pass deflections) will cause Jalen Hurts all sorts of trouble. What kind of defense will DeMeco Ryans throw out there? Will he blitz the safety? The linebacker? Who knows? The 49ers also added Christian McCaffrey, who'll be a perfect fit in Kyle Shanahan's offense. A pass-catching runningback, a pass-catching tight end in George Kittle (in the middle of the field, mind you), and a rushing wide receiver in Deebo Samuel add more unpredictability, making it tougher for the Eagles to defend.

  4. Dallas Cowboys: Now, hear me out. Micah Parsons (eight sacks, two forced fumbles) is an excellent linebacker with terrific range. He'll get his shots at Hurts all day and it'll hard to tell when he's coming. There's also the nice runningback duo of Tony Pollard (506 rushing yards, 6.2 yards per attempt, five touchdowns) and Ezekiel Elliott (443 rushing yards, 4.1 yards per attempt, four touchdowns). Jerry Jones had a vision of solid rushing for the Cowboys, and it's paying off. Finally, you can't Dak Prescott... when he's healthy. A major part of why Dallas lost to Philadelphia earlier was the absence of the Cowboys' star quarterback. Prescott (66.7% completion rate, 7.3 yards per pass attempt in three games started) is the clearcut starter and Jones knows it.

  5. Baltimore Ravens: Granted, there are many factors into play here. If the Ravens can be a better second-half team, if Lamar Jackson stays healthy and mistake-free, and if John Harbaugh doesn't outsmart himself, to name a few. This is entirely contingent on Baltimore getting it together for them to have success. However, Philadelphia must account for Jackson AND Mark Andrews (488 receiving yards, 11.6 yards per catch, five touchdowns), who's quietly a top-five tight end in the league. Baltimore just acquired Roquan Smith from the Bears, too. The linebacker is a speedster at his position and adds to a dangerous defense headed by Justin Houston (six sacks).

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