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The Truth About Volunteering

Volunteering is a fun activity. You get to give back to the community and have a sense of accomplishment with it. I volunteer at an animal shelter, where I get to interact with cats, clean kennels, and advocate for animals to be adopted. It sounds amazing.

However, there are some problems that come with volunteering, specifically at an animal shelter. First, everyone is stressed. Staff members tend to be tired from dealing with potential fur parents. That's especially true when some staff members take themselves a little too seriously. It'll feel like I'm talking with my family, except my family isn't uptight and they don't hiss at people who are having fun.

But that leads me to my next point: the people. Sometimes, it'll feel like potential adoptees are shopping around for an animal to bring home (by the way, adopt and DO NOT shop. Animals such as dogs, cats, and rabbits are living beings and deserve a good home. They do feel traumatizing events like being abandoned).

This is usually the case whenever the shelter's extremely busy. You're likely to have someone ask you a question or want to interact with an animal. That's perfectly fine. However, it can feel like you're dealing with customer service at a job where you don't get paid.

Many fast food workers, retail workers, and call center employees will understand what I'm talking about. Volunteering can be stressful when you're dealing with a high volume of people and you're getting flagged down by someone down the hall.

Still, volunteering is one of the greatest aspects of my life (and anybody's life) right now. You're helping the community and you're fulfilling your life in the process. You even get to have fun while meeting other people and animals! There's nothing I love more than going to an animal shelter for a volunteer shift!

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