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The Super Mario Bros Movie Rocked! Here's Why

Young Jacob Walters went with current Jacob Walters to the movie theater last Wednesday to see The Super Mario Bros. Movie in theaters. Jacob came out of the movie pleased, especially since he grew up with the video games. He was greeted by numerous Mario fans, one of which was dressed as Mario himself. He greeted the audience, let out a "WAHOO!", and did a backflip to the audience's delight.

The experience itself was memorable and pleasing. Easter eggs were aplenty in the movie and the nostalgia flowed through like a river. While this was a movie geared toward children, adults also enjoyed the film. In fact, once the credits rolled around, everyone gave a standing ovation for The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

So why are people saying, "SCREW THE CRITICS", and seeing the film en masse? Here are a few reasons why:

Letting the Actors/Actresses Cook

With a star-studded cast featuring Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Jack Black, you'd expect this film to be a banger. It certainly was, with Chris Pratt doing much better than expected in the film. He passed for Mario well and gave it its own twist.

Anya Taylor-Joy fit the role of Peach well, too. She gave our beloved princess a strong-willed personality while also being kind and helpful to Mario. Peach also didn't dominate the movie, leaving Mario to take the helm.

I also have to give props to Lions megafan, Keegan Michael-Key, who played an incredible Toad. He provided the energy and spunk and gave Toad a unique twist, making him more humorous than previous Toads.

Jack Black

Now, here's my favorite part of the movie. Jack Black as Bowser. Jack Black always has a tendency of making me smile with his explosive personality, taking the villain to another level. Just look at "Peaches", where he shows off Bowser's 'tenacious' side.

Black embodies Bowser perfectly, giving him a funny side and making him scary at the same time. Just imagine when Bowser Jr. comes into the fold when he'll start belting out "Peaches" with his dad. How hilarious would that be?

The Super Mario Bros. Movie reignited my love for Jack Black, reminding me of the comedic talent and genius he possesses. I look forward to seeing more legendary performances from Mr. Black (maybe find Kyle Gass a role in the Mario films?).

Easter Eggs

Part of The Super Mario Bros. Movie's charm is the easter eggs in the film. It's laden with references to Nintendo's various IPs, from Punch-Out to Ice Climbers to Wrecking Crew. You even get a Kid Icarus reference on the NES, which brings out a surprising amount of fans from the franchise. This was Nintendo's love-letter to its fans and it shows with the various references it makes throughout the film.

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