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The Problem(s) With Modern College Football

College football season is back, which means upsets and autumn football. It also means traditional tropes are back in full swing, along with hard-hitting action. However, I'm not as excited about this as other sports fans are, nor am I excited about the sports as I was in years past. I'm currently fixated on the exciting AL Wild Card chase, where it's a race for October baseball. Why am I more fascinated with seeing if the Baltimore Orioles and the Seattle Mariners make the postseason? Here are a few reasons why:

  1. It's Become Nearly Predictable: College football used to have the shock factor eschewed in its brand. What team would land the big upset? What surprise team was going to the big bowl? However, that seems to be all gone in today's landscape. The SEC just dominates other teams in every facet. The Pac-12 got turned into the game's resident cucks by Larry Scott. The Big Ten is swallowing every program imaginable. We constantly see teams like Ohio State, Alabama, and Georgia win, too. It's no longer fun to watch college football on a Saturday because of this, which is unfortunate and sad.

  2. The Networks Have Control Now: If you haven't noticed, USC and UCLA moved to the Big Ten. It was based on getting a chunk of the television money from their new contract, which consists of $7 billion worth of viewing on Fox, NBC, and CBS. ESPN already has their SEC bias, which doesn't come as a surprise. Disney has been trying to control and buy up everything in recent years. In short, the sport serves nothing more than to pump money into the schools and conferences themselves. College football has basically become a battle of the networks, with the Big Ten Conference and SEC serving as their vessels.

  3. It's Still Overshadowed By the NFL: The National Football League is still the biggest game in town. While it doesn't pride itself on the traditions as college football does, it still plays on the rivalries and star players better. I'm willing to wait one more Sunday for the NFL to return, hoping for the 49ers to bring home their sixth Lombardi trophy.

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