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The Next Two Stocks I'm Going to Buy Are These

We're currently in a bear market. The S&P 500 is down quite a bit with the War in Ukraine and inflation (I'm sure you know by now), which has left an opportunity for brazen investors to buy. But what two stocks am I looking at to get my hands on this time around?

The first one is obvious: Google. I know I'm not the biggest fan of YouTube Premium since Google plasters you with ads to buy their product (I even joke that it's not YouTube Premium, but YouTube Capitalism). But the advantages Google has are enormous.

Ad revenue is a big thing for Google and, yes, Google gets a sizable amount from placing ads in their search engines, YouTube, etc. But it also has a stronghold in cloud-based computing, giving it a leg up on the competition.

There are other benefits of buying Google stock, such as its competitive moat, huge cap, and innovative technologies. Therefore, Google is the next stock I'm eyeing, especially when the split comes around later this year.

The other stock might not be one you've heard of. However, it's a name worth checking out. Energy Transfer is a name I'm checking out, mainly because fellow energy stocks like Chevron and Valero are doing well in this bear market. However, both names have become fairly pricy, making them riskier plays.

Enter Energy Transfer. Sitting at just $11.85, ET is good for picking up some shares. It has a low P/E ratio despite having a sizable market cap (36.56 Billion) and pays a solid dividend during the February months.

Energy Transfer is also set to benefit from growing natural gas liquids exports, making it ripe for growth. It's also diversified amongst many geographies, markets, and commodities, giving it a firm grip on its industry.

Most people see a bear market as a chance to sell, sell, sell. I see it as a chance to buy, buy, buy. That starts with these two stocks, which I hope will lead the upswing once the market turns around.

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