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The Last Time The Mariners Made The Playoffs

2001 is a long ways off from 2022. A baby born in that year is most likely to be of legal drinking age. That's also the last time the Seattle Mariners made the postseason, when they posted a historic 116-win season.

Unfortunately, they were ousted by the New York Yankees in the ALCS, ending their magical season. That loss also catapulted them into a decades-long drought, marred by terrible signings, ownership incompetence, and bad luck.

However, that all changed when Cal Raleigh hit a walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth to beat the Oakland A's today. With their magic number reduced to zero, the Seattle Mariners finally slayed their dragon.

While it's only a matter of who they'll face in the Wild Card round, the M's are going to be "Sleepless in Seattle" tonight. But let's take a look at some things that were huge in 2001, the last time Seattle made the postseason.

  • The Nintendo Gamecube was released on September 14.

  • Brendan Fraser was a huge movie star, headlining The Mummy Returns with Rachel Weisz and Dwayne Johnson.

  • Albert Pujols was wrapping up a spectacular rookie season with the St. Louis Cardinals.

  • Tom Brady was on the bench for the New England Patriots.

  • Cell phones looked like this.

  • "Hit 'Em Up Style! (Oops!)" was the Billboard No. 1 song.

  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was starting a huge wizardry craze.

  • Sex and the City won an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series.

  • Survivor was a huge hit and is going strong today with its 33rd season.

  • Everyone's favorite ogre, Shrek, made his box office debut.

  • Four sports teams from the four major leagues didn't exist yet.

  • This:

By the way, the Sacramento Kings are now the titleholder for the longest playoff drought (2006).

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