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Teams That Annoy Me Part 4

I'm sure many of you are ready for this one. There is an assortment of teams that run their operations or have an amount of glamour to them. But what if some teams have too much glitz and sparkles to them?

I'm talking about the franchises that ESPN goes gaga over. Teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Yankees, and Dallas Cowboys. The teams are easy to jump on the bandwagon because these are some of the most well-known franchises with a level of ego and bravado.

The funny thing is that it's not the teams themselves that annoy me. It's the fans. The fans that go "We DeM bOyZ" and "27 RiNgS". These people are not normal. They are the reason why everyone laughs when the fanboy's favorite teams lose.

I grew up in a region where the Detroit Red Wings were the dominant team in the NHL. I can't tell you how annoying Wings fans could be at times. I'm not talking about the fans that have regular interests and hobbies on the side. You know, normal people. I'm talking about the "Detroit vs. Everybody" mentality instilled in these radicals regarding the Wings.

It doesn't just affect the fans, though. It also affects the players that sign with these teams. Whenever a LeBron James or an Alex Rodriguez signs with these big-name teams, it automatically makes them the sport's biggest supervillains. Everybody craps on these two athletes now, goofing on them because of their personalities and extracurricular activities.

There are also new teams entering the fold of this description. Look at how the Los Angeles Dodgers are now. Look at how the Golden State Warriors became the most broken NBA team in the league by picking up Kevin Durant. The New England Patriots also earned this title thanks to Tom Brady alone.

You see these teams on the television constantly, basically serving as the topic of choice among the likes of Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith. That's a major part of why these teams annoy me; television only feeds the idiots rooting for these teams, turning them into even more insufferable human beings.

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