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Takeaways From Week Five of the NFL Season

We got a bombshell involving an owner and a questionable decision from this week. What went down in Week Five of the NFL season?

  1. Command and Conquered: Dan Snyder might be on his way out, but he's taking people down with him. With a swath of sexual harassment allegations, toxic workplace accusations, and financial fraud. The Washington Commanders owner stated that he has "dirt" on other NFL owners, specifically his 'friend' and Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones. He went as far as hiring private investigators to spy and gather information on the other owners. The NFL is set to vote next week on whether to move forward with removing Snyder, but the situation will get dicey rather quickly. That's especially true with a loose cannon owner like Dan Snyder.

  2. A Lost Season? The Las Vegas Raiders didn't have a good Monday night. They blew a 17-point lead, went for a questionable two-point conversion with 4:27 left, and Davante Adams was charged for shoving a cameraperson. It wasn't a good night for the Raiders, as they fell to 1-4. There's plenty of questions surrounding Josh McDaniels and his viability as a head coach, but there's bigger concerns regarding the team's psyche. How can they handle the pressure of playoff expectations with a new head coach and new faces on the team?

  3. Boring Thursday Night Blues: On Thursday night, the Colts and Broncos played the most boring game ever. It was 12-9 in favor of Indianapolis, with the game going into overtime. The matchup was riddled with miscues and poor offense, with both Russell Wilson and Matt Ryan combining for four interceptions and being sacked ten times. Can we stop having the Broncos on any more prime time games? For some reason, they always end up showing no offense and playing extremely poor. That's certainly not a good look for their first-year coach, Nathaniel Hackett.

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