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Takeaways From Week Eight of the NFL Season

Everyone saw first-hand what a particular weapon in the Bay Area can do. But there's much more to Week Eight than an unstoppable running back. Here's what happened during the midway point of the NFL season.

  • RUN CMC: Christian McCaffrey was as good as advertised last Sunday, throwing for a touchdown while running and catching a touchdown as well. He was the first player in NFL history to do this since LaDanian Tomlinson in 2005. McCaffrey's utilization proved handy, as the San Francisco 49ers beat up their rival, the Los Angeles Rams, 31-14. Suddenly, San Francisco looks like the scariest team in the NFC, with versatile weapons across their offense. Kyle Shanahan's offensive group turns into a swiss army knife, capable of cutting through any defense with ease.

  • Jet Lag: Once again, the New York Jets are faced with a quarterback problem. Zach Wilson is reportedly "seeing ghosts" a la Sam Darnold and hasn't lived up to the NFL standard. He's completed only 54.5% of his passes this season and a paltry QBR of 41.7. The former BYU star is on track to become yet another Jets bust unless he makes drastic changes. Maybe these changes start at the top with Woody Johnson, who hasn't had the best eye for scouting quarterbacks. His track record is abysmal, with busts such as Mark Sanchez and Sam Darnold becoming mediocre.

  • Surprise Leaders! A surprising aspect of the 2022 NFL season has been the division leaders. The Atlanta Falcons are atop the NFC South with a 4-4 record, while the Seattle Seahawks are perched atop the NFC West with a 5-3 record. Meanwhile, Green Bay's struggling, having lost their fifth straight game on Sunday night to Buffalo. Will these records hold and more madness ensue?

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