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Takeaways From the NFL Schedule Release

In one of the most overblown events in all of sports, the NFL released its schedule on Thursday. Now, football fans can plan their trips and Sundays around one of the most popular sports in the world. There is a myriad of marquee matchups to look forward to. Here are some takeaways from the NFL releasing its schedule.

  • Circle the Wagons on Thanksgiving Day: The Buffalo Bills have become a Thanksgiving staple, making their third straight appearance on Turkey Day. This time, they'll take on the Detroit Lions in what looks like a pushover game. However, don't underestimate Dan Campbell's crew, for they've put up some fight in most of their losses last season.

  • The NFL Handled This Poorly: There were many leaks that went down before the NFL released its full schedule. Twitter users ate up any tweet they could, fueling rumors and speculation about what games were happening on which dates. As a result, it caused more confusion than speculation. If Roger Goodell wants to make the schedule release a monumental event, the numerous leaks must be cut out from the fold.

  • The NFL Did Get Some Things Right, Though: There are some things that the NFL nailed, though. First, Russell Wilson's return to Seattle in Week 1 was the perfect Monday Night matchup. Also changing up the Thanksgiving slate to feature the Bills-Lions as mentioned earlier matchup, along with the Patriots-Vikings and Giants-Cowboys was a nice touch. Roger Goodell and company might've flubbed the schedule release with the numerous leaks. However, the NFL made up for it with marquee matchups that'll grab the public's attention.

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