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So I Just Saw Italian Spiderman...

...And I was in for a treat. It's about the Italian version of Marvel's web-slinger and he fights to save a scientist's niece from the wrath of Captain Maximum. The masked luchador tries to get his hands on a serum that clones people, but our arachnid superhero won't let him win. It's supposed to be a parody of the typical 1960's action film, which it hits on the spot.

I got to say, this movie is a trip. You'll find everything corny and weird packed within this confounding film. From Milan Spidey punching everything in sight (including the dying doctor!) to this, it has everything cheesy and random.

There's nothing wrong with this, either. I'm all for the over-the-top dramatics and acting. It's what makes Italian Spiderman amazing. I know this cheesy movie was a meme for just over a decade. But I have no regrets stumbling across this gem, especially with random dudes in Speedos getting hit with beer bottles.

The best part is that I actually thought this was set in the 1960's/1970's. This priceless gem gives off the impression that it's set in that time frame, mocking other action films. It was actually made in 2007, adding countless oddities and visual/sound effects. I consider it Mario's prelude to rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser. Back in the day, everyone's favorite plumber was beating up luchadors and summoning penguins (before he started letting them go from ledges).

I need to start catching up on meme culture a bit, especially when amazing masterpieces like this surface. If you're a common person that needs a good laugh and hasn't seen this already, be sure to check out Italian Spiderman. I'm sure you'll crack up (and want a macchiato in the process).

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