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Should We Shut Down Sports Again?

With COVID (the Omicron variant) running rampant on the sports scene, it's a fitting question to ask. The Cleveland Browns just experienced a massive outbreak (18 players testing positive) in the NFL along with the Washington Football Team and Los Angeles Rams being hit by the virus.

It hasn't just hit the NFL, though. The NHL has postponed all activities until after Christmas break due to the outbreak. It has brought up the idea of doing the same thing from 2020; cancelling/postponing sports until a later date.

While it would hurt the revenue of all sports involved except baseball, it's for the safety of the fans and players involved. Yes, there will be some that argue this whole pandemic has been "planned." However, countless lives are at play here. You can't take a risk and wish it away.

Personally, I wouldn't mind it as much. Luckily, I have video games to play and books to read without sports. But I'm hoping something gets figured out before the outbreak worsens. Otherwise, there will be some fatal consequences.

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