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Opening Day is Here

Finally. I can enjoy my days listening to a baseball game, soothing my nerves. I'm at ease whenever America's Pastime is on, for it calms me down.

There are plenty of things that I'm excited about this year. For one, I'm just happy to have a season. We nearly lost a chance at a full 162-game season due to the labor stoppage. A crisis was averted in the 11th hour, with the owners and players coming up with a deal.

I'm actually excited about there being a designated hitter in both leagues. The purists will be upset by this. However, it'll provide more jobs for players. It'll also add more offense to the league; baseball has one of the older age demographics among the four major sports. Therefore, adding more runs to the game should bring in more young viewers.

The one thing I don't like is the return of the ghost runner rule. Even if it's for just a year, it doesn't add much to the game. Yes, I'm a fan of offense. But I'm also a fan of the occasional 18-inning game. Why take that away?

Overall, I'm happy about baseball's return. Even if the game's imperfect, I'm delighted to see the sport make it back. Let's play ball!

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