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Nikocado Avocado Needs Help

YouTube has been home to countless internet celebrities, entertaining us with people such as Jenna Marbles, CoryxKenshin, and PewDiePie. However, there are some bad eggs in the bunch. Some starve for attention and instant gratification, trying to pump up their views and buying mansions. Enter Nikocado Avocado.

Also known as Nicholas Perry, the YouTube personality was born in Kherson, Ukraine. Avocado is known for making Mukbang videos, which is a Korean trend that's also an eating show. The personality eats a copious amount of food in front of a webcam, with the foods ranging from pizza to ramen. The food generally exceeds 10,000 calories in a sitting, filling the personality up.

Anyways, Mr. Avocado has made his videos more about himself than eating. Yes, the man has put on a considerable amount of weight from these Mukbangs. However, that has resulted in him fighting with his partner, Orlin, physically and mentally abusing him in the process.

The surprising thing is Perry was a vegan before doing Mukbang videos. He claims that deteriorating oral health contributed to his change in his lifestyle. The gorging of food for views has hurt him physically and mentally. That includes lashing out at his viewers and yelling at random people named "Nancy".

I don't think Nikocado Avocado will read this, but I have some advice for him. Get help. Talk to someone. No matter if it's your husband, a therapist, or a friend, talk to someone. Let them know what's happening in your life. Otherwise, your life will crumble before you. Make the most of meaningful relationships. I know this won't do much for you, but your loved ones and fans want to see you at your best. Here's a source that should help you.

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